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A boy in a blue t-shirt uses a hose to water potted trees.

Case Study: West Hartford Tree Project

The West Hartford Tree Project is on a mission to preserve and restore West Hartford, Connecticut’s tree canopy.

The town of West Hartford, Connecticut has lost thousands of mature trees in the last several years due to drought, storms, and invasive insects. Preserving the tree canopy has many benefits including: lower heating and cooling costs, higher property values, stormwater reduction, carbon sequestration, support of native fauna, cleaner air, noise reduction, fewer heat deaths, and a better overall quality of life.

The West Hartford Tree Project was launched in 2020 by Ted and Carolyn Goerner, longtime West Hartford science teachers. Since 2021, they have launched an annual crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to purchase and distribute seedlings. Through the project, they have collaborated with the CT Conservation District, West Hartford Leisure Services, Public Works, Eversource, New England Wetland Plants, and numerous community volunteers.

Since 2021, West Hartford Tree Project has used crowdfunding to plant & distribute 3,855 trees!

West Hartford Tree Project volunteers

Impact by the Numbers

West Hartford, CT; $6,725 Crowdfunded; $4,250 Matched; 117 Patrons

Each year, the project has improved the quality and number of species offered, as well as the number of residents receiving trees. The project has offered bare root seedlings, plugs, and potted trees to West Hartford residents that request a tree. Since the project began, nearly 600 residents have requested trees. The project has also planted trees on town property, in public parks, and at other locations in need of a tree.

Potted trees being transported in a box truck to be planted.

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