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GoodieKrunch Yummy Coconut Snack in 4 flavors.

Case Study: GoodieKrunch

The Biz-M-Power crowdgranting program helped Massachusetts small business, GoodieKrunch, grow and reach new customers.

GoodieKrunch® Yummy Coconut Snack is made with simple, naturally gluten-free, vegan, organic ingredients. It is an affordable snack for individuals who are health-conscious and have a busy lifestyle.

Founder HamdAllah Olona created GoodieKrunch® out of empathy for gluten intolerant individuals who are stuck with starchy, boring, unpalatable snacks. So, in order to provide a better alternative, she went down memory lane and remembered one of her grandmother’s West-African recipes, a coconut snack that was a favorite among friends and family.

Imagine a food product that can be used to top your yogurt in the morning, enjoyed as an on-the-go snack in the afternoon, and used to top your ice cream desert in the evening!

GoodieKrunch Yummy Coconut Snack Peanut Butter

New business growth is exciting, but with it came some challenges for HamdAllah and GoodieKrunch to meet. GoodieKrunch needed support to move beyond traditional hand weighing and packaging and help meet and fulfill new orders coming into the business.

The business applied to the Biz-M-Power program to purchase a new delivery van to help with distribution, a packaging machine, a weighing machine to replace manual hand weighing, and a date coder to print expiration dates on packaging.

The Biz-M-Power crowdfunding matching grant program offers small businesses in Massachusetts financial assistance with their acquisition, expansion, improvement or lease of a facility, purchase or capital lease of equipment, or with meeting other capital needs for the business.

“The result of our campaign is that we were able to get into a major grocery chain in this region. The goal was to bring GoodieKrunch closer to our customers. This program really helped us to achieve that goal.” - HamdAllah Olona, Founder of GoodieKrunch

HamdAllah and GoodieKrunch participated in the first year of the Biz-M-Power crowdgranting program developed in partnership with Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation.

HamdAllah entered the program with a goal of making GoodieKrunch more accessible to her current and future customers. Less than eight months after completing the program, she is now selling her product in multiple Stop & Shop grocery stores in the region and continues her incredible growth story in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

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