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Crowdfunding Campaign Marketing Templates

Marketing templates to help you promote your crowdfunding campaign at every stage.

Canva Templates

Canva is an excellent design tool that is empowering the world to design. Their platform makes it easy to craft eye-catching designs with premade templates and collaboration tools. With a free tier, it can help you create digital assets that support your campaign. New to Canva? Check out their beginner’s guide.

We’ve created a few templates to help you promote your campaign.

Campaign Page Templates

Campaign Page Header Image

Campaign Page Stretch Goal Banner

Campaign Page Match Banner*

*It is your responsibility as a Project Creator to accurately portray the matching funds available to your campaign based on the program you are participating in. Please ask your Project Coach for clarification, if needed.

Social Media Campaign Promotion/Campaign Launch

Campaign Promotion (Email Header)

Campaign Promotion (Blog Graphic)

Campaign Promotion (Facebook Post {Square})

Campaign Promotion (LinkedIn Post)

Campaign Promotion (Instagram Story)

Campaign Promotion (Instagram Post {Square})

Social Media Campaign Progress

Campaign Progress (Instagram Story)

Campaign Progress (Instagram Post {Square})

Campaign Progress (LinkedIn Post)

Campaign Progress (Facebook Post {Square})

Social Media Before & After Transformation

Before/After (Instagram Post {Square})

Other Templates

Campaign Contribution #10 Envelope

Sample Social Media Captions to Tell Your Story

Campaign Launch

We are excited to announce our Patronicity crowdfunding campaign to insert what your campaign is all about. We need YOUR help to crowdfund $XX,XXX. Donate now at shorturl. Thank you for your generous support.

Campaign Promotion

We are crowdfunding to insert awesome campaign plans. We launched our crowdfunding campaign, because insert why your campaign is needed. If we reach our goal, we will be able to address the why. You can support our campaign by contributing at shorturl.

Campaign Progress

We are campaign stage, i.e. halfway to our crowdfunding campaign goal to do this awesome thing! We still have $XX,XXX left to raise to reach our goal. Your contribution directly impacts our ability to do this awesome thing. Give today at shorturl.

Thank You

Thank you for your generous support of our crowdfunding campaign. Thanks to your support, we are able to insert a story about what the campaign allows you to do. Share what the next steps are for your project to keep patrons in the know. Stay tuned for updates!


What an incredible transformation! Thanks to number of patrons generous contributions of $XX,XXX to our crowdfunding campaign, we were able to do awesome thing. The campaign allowed us to insert specific changes created by the campaign. This would not have been possible without you, our incredibly supportive community. Thank you for making this transformation possible. #BeforeAndAfter

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