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Putnam County Mural Project in Indiana features painted grain silos with colorful murals.

Patronicity reaches $50 million in project funding

Our platform has generated $50 million in project funding to support changemakers building vibrant communities.

Patronicity is excited to announce a major milestone. Our platform has generated $50 million in project funding. Thanks to our program partners and nearly 147,000 of you, dedicated patrons, our crowdfunding platform and crowdgranting programs have generated over $50 million to support changemakers building vibrant communities.

A young Black man amends the soil in a raised garden bed.
A Sustainable CT Community Match Fund project in action.

$27.6 million has been crowdfunded by passionate project creators.

$22.4 million has been matched by our generous crowdgranting partners.

146,735 patrons have stepped up to donate and create the change they want to see in their community.

1,335 projects have been launched.*

Since our founding, we have helped hundreds of communities raise funds for grassroots projects ranging from alleyways and streetscapes, gardens and greenspaces, public art projects, and more. In recent years, we’ve expanded to include small businesses, building vibrant communities through both community and economic development.

Ebrahim Varachia, President & Co-Founder, on reaching this milestone said, “The projects funded would not be possible without our platform, patrons, project creators, and the generous partners that have understood the opportunity that crowdgranting provides to communities.”

Since 2013, we have partnered with private and public sector partners to distribute matching grants to small businesses, municipalities, and nonprofit organizations that successfully meet their crowdfunding goals with support from the community. Our unique crowdgranting model has provided new opportunities for private and public entities to support community and economic development from the ground up, providing a more equitable approach to granting by harnessing community engagement.

The ribbon cutting ceremony for Grand Street Park in Marshall, Michigan.
The ribbon cutting ceremony for Grand Street Park in Marshall, Michigan.

We would like to thank our partners for their commitment to the communities they serve.

Learn more about our current and past crowdgranting programs and partners below.

Learn more about our work at Contact us to learn more about how you can launch a crowdfunding campaign or crowdgranting program in your community at

A ribbon cutting for a food scrap recycling center.

*Data recorded as of May 31, 2022 and counting. See up to date figures on our website at